Support for Family Friends

One of the best ways you can support your friend or family member is to learn as much as you can about diabetes. You can also support a loved one with diabetes by going on walks or trying new recipes and helping them adjust to a new lifestyle.

Diabetes can affect many aspects of daily life—including exercise, dining, health and lifestyle choices. The more you know about the condition, the better you will understand what your loved one is going through.

Being knowledgeable will make discussing the topic easier and more productive. You’ll be better able to listen to their concerns and offer constructive support.

Where to start?

Does your loved one know about our diabetes care? Our Diabetes Management Program has helped thousands of patients live healthy and productive lives. Our comprehensive, collaborative diabetes care team has a proven track record for improving the health and well-being of patients. We help participants set goals, learn to monitor their progress, incorporate exercise into their lifestyle and be more aware of food choices. At PacMed, we offer the providers, education and personal support our patients need to live their best life. Learn more.

Helping your loved one manage their diabetes can be as simple as suggesting a new walking trail. Exercise is an important component to successful diabetes management. Taking a walk together on a new trail is a way to spend time together and help your loved one incorporate more exercise into their lifestyle. For ideas on where to go, check out the Washington Trail Association’s list of hikes near Puget Sound.

Another way to assist a loved one with diabetes management is to help cook diabetes-friendly recipes. Healthy recipes can be easy to make and taste delicious. Find ideas for healthy diabetes friendly recipes here.

Test Your Knowledge
Knowledge is key to getting a handle on managing diabetes. PacMed provides free, interactive quizzes to help you get a handle on some of the aspects of living with diabetes. If you are newly diagnosed, these quizzes are a great way to learn about the basics. Take a quiz.

Diabetes Classes
It’s easy for a person with diabetes to get discouraged. That’s why we recommend family and friends accompany their loved one and take our series of classes together: Living with Diabetes, Diabetes Nutrition and Meal Planning. It’s a great way for family and friends to be supportive and learn more about diabetes. This is especially important if you help prepare meals for someone with diabetes who lives in your home! We want to make it easier for your loved one to eat healthily, control their blood sugar and improve their well-being. Check out our classes.

Patient Success Stories
Learn from some of our patients who have overcome challenges and found creative ways to live with diabetes. Read our Diabetes Star patient stories.

Diabetes 101—Information and Resources
Learn more about diabetes such as symptoms, prevention and risk factors. Read our frequently asked questions for patients with diabetes, as well as links to community and national resources. Explore resources.