Diabetes Management Program

The PacMed Diabetes Management Program is among the most comprehensive in the Northwest. In fact, we have a proven track record for helping our patients improve their ability to manage their diabetes. We put patients and their well-being at the center of our collaborative, caring environment.

The Diabetes Management Program encompasses an excellent care team, self-help skills, educational opportunities and other support with one goal in mind: helping you live at your best health.

In the US, one in twelve people have diabetes. Most people feel overwhelmed at first, and we know it will take several months for you to learn the basics about how to manage this issue. At PacMed, we will be with you every step of the way.

Caring for your diabetes will be a team effort. You will have more frequent appointments until your blood sugars return to normal. When you come to the clinic, you will see your primary care provider. They are trained experts who can provide information and who will partner with you to develop a management plan that works for you. You may have telephone or virtual visits to check in on your progress. We have registered dietitians on staff who will assist you with healthy food choices, an essential part of living with diabetes successfully. We also have a clinical pharmacist who is available to meet with interested patients. Your family and friends are also an important part of your care team and are invited to join you at any of your appointments and education sessions.

It is also important to keep your immunizations updated, your blood pressure well controlled and your cholesterol in check.

Focused Support to Empower Lasting Change
Even people who are under a physician’s care and strongly motivated to take charge of their diabetes can get overwhelmed or need extra support. The PacMed diabetes care team will help you move forward. Experienced care team members will work with you to set goals, monitor progress and work toward success.

Specially Trained Providers Who Care
Diabetes requires the coordinated care of a full health team. At PacMed, you’ll find specially trained doctors, nurses, dietitians, foot-care specialists and other experts who will work closely together and communicate frequently to manage your care. Meet the diabetes care team.

Education That Works
We help you gain the knowledge and tools to manage your diabetes. Our classes about diabetes and nutrition are led by certified PacMed educators. See our classes.

A Recognized Leader in Diabetes Management
PacMed has a long-standing relationship with the American Diabetes Association. We also seek input on our Diabetes Management Program from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The NCQA has given us a 95-point rating (out of 100 points) for “consistently providing a high level of diabetes care.” We offer more than 35 PacMed physicians who are recognized as demonstrating the highest level of care for their patients with diabetes. Read more.

Schedule an appointment with one of our diabetes care specialists today.