It’s Important to get your flu shot.

The CDC recommends everyone get a flu shots by the end of October, 2020. However, shots are still effective when given through late winter, into early 2021.

  • Flu shots are available at your scheduled medical visit with your doctor, for example during your annual physical, wellness visit, or a visit addressing another concern.
  • We are not scheduling individual doctor’s visits just for a flu shot. Retail pharmacies are available as an alternative option.

For more information, please call 1.888.472.2633 or reach out to your provider via MyChart.

General Vaccine Information

Some people report having mild reactions to flu vaccination. The most common side effects from flu shots are soreness, redness, tenderness or swelling where the shot was given. Low-grade fever, headache and muscle aches also may occur. If these reactions occur, they usually begin soon after the shot and last 1-2 days.

For more information on the flu, check out our flu FAQs. For general information about vaccines and checkups, please visit our Health Resources section.

Flu shot costs & insurance

Flu shots received during a visit with your doctor will incur the normal fees for your doctor’s visit. However, for many insurance plans there is no additional charge for adding a flu shot to your visit. Many insurances cover the flu shot through these clinics at no charge to you. The cost for insured patients depends on the contracted rate with your insurance.

If you are concerned about costs we recommend you call your insurance to confirm coverage before coming in. PacMed will bill your insurance directly for your flu shot. Flu shots are also available for patients without insurance. If you do not have insurance, please come prepared to pay cash.

The cost of the flu shot depends on your age (because different types of vaccines are recommended for different age groups).

  • $80 for ages 65+ or for those with weakened immune systems
  • $50 for ages 19-64 years old
  • $23.44 for children ages 6 months-18 years old